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Baboon Appreciation Society

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Past & Present Leaders

Executive members

Below is shown some of our societies most reconnised leaders

Jiquan, Legendary founder of this society
Jiquan founded this society in the late 1880's, few true facts are known about him

Jiquan was said to stand 4 feet tall, he was feared by all who stood in his presence. he was a skilled leader and legend has it that he saved a group of baboons by biting through a hunters rifle barrel.

Miwaha, a great leader that expanded the society
This camera shy creature ruled up to the 1970's

Ombongo was leader during the early 90's
Notorius for his rear, which made him feard by many he had a long reign.

Kripotamia was know for her love for kids
Loved by her people she reignd until hit by purple ape fever suddenly died. RIP

Also pictured here Baby Edwaldo

The current leader Mango, is considered too valuable for us to put a picture up, as the last leader Kripotamia, was kidnapped but luckily she was released unhurt after two weeks.